Selling a River Cruise

Unique selling points:

• No nighttime cruising means passengers do not miss any sights and there is no disturbing engine noise while trying to sleep.

• We stop at a different port every evening.

• Visits to villages and smaller towns, rather than big cities.

• Ships are smaller and more intimate than ocean cruisers.

Target audience:

• Experienced travellers

• Those interested in the culture of a particular destination

• Clients who want destination experiences and a way to get discover the local culture

• Past ocean cruise clients

• Customers outside of the usual demographic – those aged 30 to 40 are becoming more attracted to river cruising

Things to remember:

• Concentrate on selling the value of a river cruise holiday rather than on the price.

• Our all inclusive pricing offers value for clients and commission opportunities for agents.

• Be knowledgeable about the destinations as passengers spend a lot of time touring ashore.

• Customers spend more time touring ashore than on an ocean cruise – advise them to book excursion packages.

• Put a price on everything that is included – transfers, entertainment, excursions etc.

• Focus on the personal ambiance of river cruising – good for families who enjoy travelling together.

• Sell the experience – a river cruise is like a hotel on water.

• Describe the intimate and personal touches on board our ships – passengers have the chance to make new friends.

• Recommend shorter itineraries to new river cruising customers.