Excursion Stralsund Walking Tour

  • Stralsund
  • Stralsund

Enjoy an interesting Stralsund walking tour with The River Cruise Line’s unique cruise which explores the Baltic Sea. From its beginnings as a small fishing village, to its heyday as a member of the powerful Hanseatic League, Stralsund abounds in history and is both an interesting and beautiful place to explore. Highlights include the magnificent city hall which dates back to the 13th century, colourful townhouses with their lavish gables, and three great churches which dominate the skyline.


• Stralsund was once the second-most important member of the Hanseatic League

• The city’s historic centre became a World Heritage Site in 2002

• The city was once a small fishing village named Stralow


• Stralsund City Hall is one of its oldest and most beautiful buildings, dating back to the 13th century

• The city’s colourful town houses with their lavish gables are a treat for the eyes

• Stralsund’s three brick Gothic churches can be seen from far away

Book your Stralsund walking tour as part of an excursion package and save money. For more information on our optional excursions, please feel free to contact our Holiday Advisors today.

Excursion Berlin City Tour

  • Museum Island Berlin
  • Berlin
  • Alexanderplatz Berlin
Museum Island BerlinBerlinAlexanderplatz Berlin

Enjoy an amazing Berlin city tour with The River Cruise Line’s unique cruises exploring the Elbe river and the Baltic Sea. Berlin is a fascinating city which has undergone enormous change in the last 100 years. Despite being the capital and largest city in Germany, our excursion makes it easy for first time visitors to get acquainted with the city and location of the main attractions such as Potsdamer Platz – one of the busiest squares in Europe, Brandenburg Gate – Germany’s iconic symbol, Checkpoint Charlie – the most famous part of the Berlin Wall, and Reichstag – home to the German Parliament.


• Berlin has 1,700 bridges – which is more than Venice

• The Berlin TV tower is 368 metres high, the tallest structure in Germany and one of the tallest in Europe

•  Berlin has three World Heritage Sites and three opera houses


• The Potsdamer Platz is a busy bustling square with modern building including the Sony Center

• Brandenburg Gate is one of Berlin’s most important monuments. The triumphal arch – once a symbol of division, is now a symbol of the cities reunification.

• Checkpoint Charlie is one of the most famous symbols of the Cold War

Book your Berlin city tour as part of an excursion package and save money. For more information on our optional excursions, please feel free to contact our Holiday Advisors today.

Excursion Magdeburg City Tour

  • Magdeburg Church
  • Magdeburg
Magdeburg ChurchMagdeburg

Enjoy an amazing Magdeburg tour with The River Cruise Line’s unique cruise which explores the elegant Elbe river. Magdeburg is home to two of Germany’s top ranking universities and is a beautiful city filled with squares, monuments, sculptures, towers and churches which depict its long history. It is also one of the greenest cities in Germany with many parks. Our sightseeing city tour will take in many of the highlights such as the impressive cathedral, where the first Holy Roman Emperor is buried, and the Monastery of Our Lady, considered the oldest surviving building in Magdeburg (entrances not included).


• Magdenburg is one of Germany’s oldest cities

• The city houses the first Gothic cathedral to be built on German soil

• The city celebrated its 1200 year anniversary in 2005


• Magdeburg’s cathedral, the Cathedral of St. Maurice and St. Catherine, is arguably its most famous attraction and is packed with artistic highlights

• The Monastery of Our Lady is Magdeburg’s oldest building; this decommissioned monastery is now a museum displaying sculptures and contemporary art.

Book your Magdeburg tour as part of an excursion package and save money. For more information on our optional excursions, please feel free to contact our Holiday Advisors today.

Excursion In the Footsteps of Martin Luther

  • Martin Luther Statue
  • Wittenberg
  • Martin Luther's House
Martin Luther StatueWittenbergMartin Luther's House

Enjoy a fascinating Martin Luther excursion visiting the places where he, the father of the reformation, lived and ministered. Landmarks include Martin Luther’s house, which is well preserved as a museum and contains an unsurpassed collection of reformation manuscripts and artefacts, and St Marien’s church, where Martin Luther preached regularly.


• Martin Luther (1483–1546), was a monk who triggered the German Reformation by publishing his 95 Theses against church corruption in 1517

• Wittenberg attracts Protestant pilgrims all over the world as well as historians

• Wittenberg’s Luther sites became Unesco world heritage sites in 1997.


• Luther House is the place that Luther lived and worked and is the world’s largest museum on Reformation history, you can see various rooms with exhibits related to him

• Outside the museum is a bronze statue of Katharina von Bora, Luther’s wife (those seeking a happy marriage rub her wedding ring).

• It is belived that Luther nailed his 95 Theses to Wittenberg's Castle Church door, the original wooden doorwas destroyed in a fire and today a large bronze memorial door marks the spot that changed the course of history

Enjoy a Martin Luther tour as part of an excursion package and save money today. Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team If you would like more information.

Excursion Meissen & the House of Meissen

  • Meissen
  • Meissen Porcelain
MeissenMeissen Porcelain

Enjoy a fascinating Meissen excursion and visit and the House of Meissen to see where the first porcelain in Europe was produced, bringing fame to the small town. Our excursion lets you see firsthand how this trademark porcelain is created by hand and takes you on a tour of the museum where a spectacular wealth and variety of exhibits illustrates the history of porcelain manufacturing.


• The Meissen factory has been producing porcelain for more than 300 years

• The factory produces the world’s most expensive porcelain

• All Meissen porcelain can be identified by the distinctive crossed swords which mark each piece


• Take an exclusive view behind the scenes of a 300 year old manufactory

• Enjoy a tour with a well informed guide

Book your Meissen & the House of Meissen tour as part of an excursion package and save money. For more information on our optional excursions, please feel free to contact our Holiday Advisors today.

Excursion Dresden City Tour

  • Dresden
  • Dresden
  • Dresden

Enjoy a brilliant Dresden city tour with The River Cruise Line’s unique cruise which explores the elegant Elbe river. The beautiful city of Dresden is shaped by soaring towers and dominant domes of palaces, churches and stately homes. Known as the ‘Florence of the Elbe’, it’s hard to imagine the huge destruction the city suffered during world war two. Our tour encompasses Dresden Castle, the baroque Zwinger Palace, Semper Opera House and the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) with its distinctive bell shaped dome.


• Dresden is the capital of the eastern German state of Saxony and the third largest state in Germany after Berlin and Leipzig.

• Dresden is one of the greenest cities in Europe – with around 635 of the city being green or forest areas.

• Much of Dresden was destroyed during a bombing raid in 1945 during world war two, however a lot of the city was reconstructed – preserving as much of the old cities characteristics as possible


• Dresden castle is one of the oldest buildings in the city and for 400 years it has been the residence of the electors and kings of Saxony

• Zwinger Palace is a stunning example of baroque architecture; built in 1709 during the reign of Elector Augustus the Strong, the Zwinger is still one of the main attractions of the city

• The Semper Opera House is renowned as one of the most beautiful buildings in the world despite a long and not entirely pleasant history of renovations

• The domed Frauenkirche is one of Dresden’s most beloved symbols, having, like most of the city, undergone rebuilding after the world war two bombings

Book your Dresden tour as part of an excursion package and save money. For more information on our optional excursions, please feel free to contact our Holiday Advisors today.

Excursion Prague City Tour

  • Prague
  • Charles Bridge Prague
  • Prague
PragueCharles Bridge PraguePrague

Enjoy an amazing Prague city tour with The River Cruise Line’s unique cruise which explores the elegant Elbe river. With some 600 years of architecture virtually untouched by natural disaster or war, there are few cities in Europe that match Prague.

Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in Europe and stands above the lesser town, known as the Mala Strana. It’s linked to the old town by the world famous 14th century Charles Bridge. Our tour takes in the many highlights to introduce you to this Czech Republic capital, followed by plenty of free time to explore at your own leisure.


• Capital and the largest city of the Czech Republic
• The Vltava river is the longest in the Czech Republic and it flows right through the heart of Prague
• A population of more than 1.2 million people


• Prague Castle, or Pražský hrad – is the city’s most popular attraction and the largest ancient castle in the world
• The Astronomical Clock on the front of the old town hall is one of the city’s greatest treasures for 600 years
• Old Town Hall is marvellous in its own right, with amazing interiors, painted ceilings and Gothic features
• Charles Bridge was commissioned by King Charles IV in 1357 and is recognised as Prague’s most stunning bridge

Book your Prague City excursion as part of a package and save money. For more information on our optional excursions, please feel free to contact our Holiday Advisors today.


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Book a festive river cruise and win a Christmas hamper


 Plus free excursions available on all bookings


    cid:image002.jpg@01D0C08E.23A46610  cid:image003.jpg@01D0C08E.23A46610

The River Cruise Line (www.rivercruiseline.co.uk) is offering agents a chance to win a fabulous Christmas hamper, simply by booking any of its 2015 Christmas markets or Christmas and New Year cruises, throughout the month of August. During the same period, agents will be able to offer their clients free excursions packages on their bookings – including city tours, visits to historic sites and wine tasting evenings.

The incentive applies to bookings on the whole range of festive itineraries, aboard the four star ms Serenity and the three star mps Lady Anne, both chartered exclusively by The River Cruise Line. There is no limit to the number of entries per agent, as each booking confirmed between 1st and 31st August will be entered into the prize draw. To enter, all agents need to do is to e-mail their confirmed booking reference number and contact details to competition@diamondhols.co.uk . Entries will close at midnight on 31st August and the winner will be drawn in early September.

Sales and business development manager for the River Cruise Line, Tim Fleming, says: “Last year our Christmas markets and festive breaks were hugely popular. We are really pleased to be able to launch this year’s breaks with opportunities not only for clients to get fantastic deals with free excursion packages, but to reward our agency partners with a chance to win some pre-Christmas goodies to share. Good luck!”

The River Cruise Line’s festive programme features options to visit a number of Christmas markets across Europe, including the four day ‘German Christmas Markets’ itinerary aboard the mps Lady Anne, which departs on a choice of dates in early December, priced from £269 per person; or the four day ‘Strasbourg Christmas Market’ itinerary aboard the ms Serenity, which is priced from £399 per person, departing on 8th, 11th and 14th December.

For those clients keen to sample Christmas with a European flavour, or see in 2016 in one of the most beautiful historic cities on the continent, The River Cruise Line can offer breaks over both Christmas and New Year. For example the seven day Christmas Rhine Cruise departs on 23rd December travelling aboard the mps Lady Anne and is priced from £699 per person, including a German Christmas Eve dinner and British Christmas Day. Alternatively, four star options are available aboard ms Serenity for Christmas or New Year cruises along the Danube, including visits to Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava. The nine day New Year cruise along the Danube is priced from £999 per person and includes New Year’s Eve celebrations in Budapest.

For information visit www.rivercruiseline.co.uk or call 0844 544 7580.

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Life on board ms Serenity

ms Serenity

Life on board ms Serenity

David and Renee Clark cruised aboard the ms Serenity on our first ever Danube to the Black cruise in 2014. We caught up with David to see what he thought.

This cruise was brand new for 2014 –why did it catch your eye?

We had already been on a couple of river cruises along the Rhine and Moselle and this one really took our fancy. Cruising along the Danube through the various countries, it was complimentary to cruises we had done in previous years.

How did you find the length of this cruise?

My wife and I enjoyed it. To see what we saw, the excursions and the length of the river... if it had been shorter I think it would have been spoiled.

What were your first impressions of the ms Serenity?

I enjoyed it, I thought the food, the staff and the ship itself were all good.

What was your favourite destination?

I thought Budapest from my point of view was pretty fantastic! Pécs was also a lovely place and so were Novi Sad and Bratislava. We enjoyed everywhere; they all had their different characteristics.

What was the highlight of your holiday?

Although we had been on river cruises before, the fact that we went so far down the Danube, all the way to the Black Sea was new to us. Most people onboard had been to Vienna and Budapest and that’s as far as they had gone – we found it all fascinating.

What was your Cruise Manager like?

Alex was a character! He was very attentive.

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