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Travellers Tales

ms Serenity


Pamela Smith has been working with The River Cruise Line for seven years, so knows exactly what our passengers expect from a river cruise. We caught up with her to find out what she loves about river cruising and the secret to a successful trip.

How did you first become a Cruise Manager?

“I have been in the travel industry for approximately 17 years, the first two years of this I was part-time and also worked part-time in finance. I was working seven days a week so eventually chose to take the tourism path full time as travel has always interested me. I came to The River Cruise Line about seven years ago and since then have worked on mps Lady Anne, ms Serenity and on Croisi Europe ships, all of which I love.”

Which countries have you worked in?

“I have worked in western Europe for The River Cruise Line and have travelled with other companies to eastern Europe, mainly on cruises.”

What do you consider the most important aspects of your role to be?

“In my opinion, my most important role is to ensure the guests get as much as they possibly can from their holiday, whether it’s a four day break or a two week cruise. I do this by getting to know them,  learning about why they have chosen that particular tour and by ensuring the information
I give is relevant.”

What do you like about meeting passengers?

“I do enjoy working with The River Cruise Line as the guests are always enthusiastic and friendly. I love meeting the guests as strangers and waving goodbye as friends. Also meeting previous guests again on following tours is always nice, they always seem to remember me – for good reasons I hope!”

How do you know if a cruise has been successful?

“Being a temporary friend to passengers while they are away and them going home with good memories of their holiday experience to me is a success.”

Where is your favourite destination?

“My favourite destination has to be France. I speak French and I always feel at home there.”

Which is your favourite River cruise?

“I enjoy all I do but if I had to choose one it would be a difficult decision between the Best of the Rhine & Moselle aboard mps Lady Anne and Cruise the Danube to Vienna & Budapest aboard ms Serenity.”

Which new River cruise would you like to  do Next?

“It would have to be the Rhône & Saône Cruise through Burgundy & Provence or the Moscow to St Petersburg cruise.”

What are you looking forward to in the future?

“I look forward to working with The River Cruise Line until I retire, or maybe until I win the lottery!”



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