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Travellers’ Tales


Hooked on river cruising

In 2008, Mr & Mrs Taylor joined our New Year Cruise aboard the mps Amsterdam; they are currently on board the mps Lady Anne, cruising along the Rhine to Switzerland for what is their 28th cruise with us! We caught up with Mrs Taylor before they left, to find out what it is that makes them return again and again.

Q   Can you remember where you first heard about us?
It was an advert in our local paper – the Brighton Evening Argus.

Q   What was it that attracted you to river cruising?
We love the water – years ago we did the big ocean cruises but my husband is not allowed to fly now and at 91 years old I can’t stand sitting around in airports!

Q   Which has been your favourite cruise to date?
We like them all! We do love the New Year cruises – old year out, New Year in. And we love it up and down the Rhine.

Q   You’ve been on the Lady Anne, the Amsterdam and the Switzerland II, which one is your favourite?
The Amsterdam is my favourite I must admit, because that was the first one we went on and Captain Arnold always used to dance with me. I remember the very first day, it was the 29th December and I was jiving like I always do. The next night, as we were going into the restaurant, Captain Arnold stood by the door and said “I’m dancing with you tonight”, I said “ah no I don’t think I’m dancing tonight” and he said “oh yes you are, you’re dancing with me”. He’s retired now but he still goes on board. Captain Bennie dances with me now, and Captain Wido on the Lady Anne – I think he’s great!

Q   Do you have a favourite cabin?
We do prefer the promenade deck cabins – my husband moans like anything if they’re already booked!

Q   You obviously like dancing – is that what keeps you so young?
Yes! I was a stage dancer, I taught jive dancing too. I was 7 when I first started dancing, I’ll be 92 this year and I’ve still got my tap shoes, ballet shoes and toe tap shoes! I love ballroom dancing too. My cousin is Millicent Martin, the well known actress. We were on This Is Your Life with Eamonn Andrews, on the TV!

Q   So do you get everyone up on the dance floor on the ships?
I used to do cabarets, where people sit, drinking and talking. When I go in the ship lounge, the chaps playing on the keyboard and people are sat drinking and talking. They see me and start playing jive music, so I start jiving – it gets everyone else up, then I sit down!

Q   How would you sum up our cruises?
The ships are great, the captains are excellent, the crew and staff are hard workers, and the food delicious, plus the very helpful booking staff. When we get our new brochure we pick out the cruises for the whole year – we’re booked up now and I’m going to carry on river cruising until I’m 100 at least!  


Travellers' Tales

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