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Spring Time on the Danube

Spring Time on the Danube

Spring Time on the Danube

It began for us on a Friday

That’s the day we came away

A start of our spring time holiday

For a cruise on the ms Serenity.

We left England overnight on the ferry

To arrive in Rotterdam

The crossing it had been uneventful

And the sea itself had been calm.

As we boarded our coach, full of expectations

The weather was sunny and bright.

To travel to our overnight destination

Where we planned to spend our first night.

Tim, our driver, was a hive of information

That he shared as we went on our way He pointed out places of interest

Which helped to shorten the day.

Our hotel that night was in Boppard,

A town on the banks of the Rhine

‘Twas a chance to sit and chill out With a glass of cold beer, or red wine.

Onwards again the next morning

For an appointment, where we would embark

From Passau, down the Danube to Budapest

Our boat was soon off the mark.

We were welcomed aboard by the captain

Who introduced the rest of the crew

We soon settled into our cabins

River cruising was new to a few.

On board were three feisty women

Who were there to inform and to guide

On our daily stops and excursions

They’d hardly come along for the ride.

We stopped once or twice on the journey

To visit a place or two

And passed some stunning scenery

Around each bend was something new.

Budapest was our final destination

Where our boat would then turn around

To take us back down the Danube

On our journey homeward Bound.

We started our journey as strangers

With people we’d not met before

But soon with repeated meetings

Soon became a little bit more.

And so ends our cruise on the Danube Not once did it ever turn blue

But out memories we take home to England

Of the Serenity, and of her crew.

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