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Bloomin' Wonderful

Keukenhof Gardens

Bloomin’ wonderful

They’re the number one gift for any occasion, but there’s much more to flowers than meets the eye. Obviously there’s the physical enjoyment we get from looking at a colourful display and enjoying the sweet smelling aroma, but it goes much deeper than this with scientific research proving that flowers have a positive effect on our wellbeing.

So we can think of nothing better than one of our floral cruises, which range from five to seven days and glide along tranquil rivers, visiting some of the most vibrant horticultural attractions in Europe. Our Amsterdam & Bulbfi elds Spectacular itinerary aboard the mps Lady Anne is a particular favourite which we offer every year and for 2017 you can enjoy a new itinerary, plus Charlie Dimmock is joining us for a special departure. We’re also pleased to be able to offer more dates in 2017 for Springtime in the Gardens of Holland & Belgium aboard the ms Serenity, which sold out this year. Take a look at our first edition 2017 brochure for full details of our fl oral cruises – they’re a front row seat for nature’s annual springtime show.

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